When in Sarawak, Eat Like a Sarawakian!

Celebrating a milestone of 30 Issues of Happenings in Sarawak with “A Foodie Adventure” Thank you for supporting our local community magazine!

Editor’s Note

It comes as a good time to remind ourselves on what Sarawak has to offer in terms of travel, adventures, culture, nature and food! In just the past five years, we see the growth and maturity of vibrant events happening all around as well. Capitalizing on technology, our leaders also continue to innovate and explore ways to develop the State’s digital economy. The digital age has opened many doors of opportunities and new possibilities. We witness and experience advancement all around; but one thing unique and wonderful about Sarawak is the preservation of the local culture and identity that are not lost along the tide of change.

Take for example the ‘kopitiam’ (coffeeshop) culture that we have here, it is still a lifestyle so deeply ingrained in our community that even today, it remains the people’s favorite rendezvous as it was for our grandparents. The sizes of modern coffeeshops may have tripled, waiters now take orders with iPad tablets; nevertheless, you still see Sarawakians of all ages and races enjoying their glass of Teh C Peng and bowl of Sarawak Laksa at the good old kopitiam.

As we celebrate our 30th issue, we also celebrate the people’s common love for food by shining a light on the culinary wonders in Sarawak. This issue got us screaming: “Life is GREAT with the GOOD FOOD we have in Sarawak!”

So, for friends who are visiting, know that there are many ways one can experience Sarawak, sights and sounds, and taste! Get in on the culture through the cuisines in this issue of Happenings in Sarawak! The lingering taste of some of Sarawak’s delicacies has got many returning for more and it is about time we put them in the limelight.

For those who are all about “I came, I ate, I conquered!”, this one’s for you!

Enjoy this mouth-watering issue as much as our stomachs have growled while producing it!

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