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Dear readers of Happenings in Sarawak, we hope this issue finds you and your family well despite these uncertain changing times. We are grateful to be in the position to bring you the final issue of our community magazine in printed form.


Happenings in Sarawak (Volume 33)


“At SHiNE Pharmacy, a very common thing our talents would hear me harp on is how SHiNE Pharmacy is not in the business of making money - we are in the business of making meaning. When the pandemic hit, I told my entire team this would be the very reason they studied to become healthcare professionals. ‘This is it!’ I told them. ‘Go on, be a pharmacist. Go on, be that dietitian.’”– Mr Charles Liew

As SHiNE Pharmacy celebrates her 8th anniversary, the team share their journey with us, from the challenges and victories over the years, to the challenges and mindset for the years to come as we enter into a new decade, with a new way of life coined “the new normal.”

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THE LATEST HAPPENINGS: Hear the voice of Sarawak standing in solidarity in the face of Covid19, empowered, hopeful, optimistic, and resilient. This issue, our shout out goes to all fellow Sarawakians! Regardless of race or creed, the people of Sarawak have shown a great spirit of volunteerism in times of needs, and we have also witnessed miraculous resilience and creativity to rise for the occasion!

Thank you, Sarawak! You inspire us! Let us continue to work together progressively with our most significant asset of unity through all challenges. #JagaSamaDirik #ProudtobeSarawakian

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INSIDE: Find the latest official SOP for Meetings, Incentives, Conventions, Exhibitions (Business Events) / Travel & Trade Fairs / Marts / Bazaar / Arts & Culture Carnivals.


Just before the pandemic hit, the Sarawak government refined the roles and functions of major agencies overseeing forestry resources. Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC) was entrusted with the managing of the state’s national parks and protected areas, with almost 1 million hectares of forests in Sarawak, as well as biodiversity conservation. “Despite the world shutting down, there are a lot of positive things which have come out from this pandemic. SFC will be here for the long haul to fight for and protect the heritage that Sarawak has.” – shared Zolkipli

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Love the outdoors? Miss nature? We’ve got it covered for you. In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, many industries are affected, and tourism is undoubtedly one of the hardest-hit sectors. While outbound travel is restricted, why not rediscover your Sarawak! Anak Sarawak can play a part too through inbound trips and promote our backyard! If there is one thing that Sarawak does not lack, it is the natural environment for your adventures! Check out this list of national parks we have for you; we invite you to bask in the beauty of Sarawak!

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Whether you like it or not, we now live in a world where whatever business you are in; you also operate as a media company. How we have come to consume media today has also changed the way we live. In this new era of branding and selling through social media, brands and agencies will need to reach out online to connect with their audience. Social media has become a new distribution channel. Whether it be YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, WeChat, LinkedIn or TikTok, the videos we watch on social media has become the TV channels for people everywhere. No matter who you are, or where you’re from, you too can produce your own content and become an influencer! Here’s a step by step guide to become a content creator yourself!

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Celebrate the diversities of Sarawak through food! Get to know the Bidayuh community as the Sarawak Culinary Heritage and Arts Committee takes you into the Bidayuh's kitchen to uncover their culture, heritage and not forgetting the delicacies! Find distinctive traditional cuisines' recipes inside and serve them in your kitchen too!

Take Me to the Recipe! (Page 37)


It is reported that mental illness could be the second biggest health problem affecting Malaysians after heart disease. It is time to have more conversations on mental health issues to achieve understanding and cultivate compassion in our community. "Get well soon", "Have you gone to see the doctor?", "Don't forget to take your medications", "You shouldn't be working, go home and get some rest", these are words of encouragement, the show of comfort and concern that we are not unfamiliar with. We are accustomed to receiving care and attention when we are physically unwell. However, we would rarely hear any of these similarly applicable lines to those coping with mental illnesses....

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What else can you find in this issue?

Learn about how Google’s Family Link app can help you as a parent to set digital ground rules for when the curious young minds begin to explore the internet. Family Link has evolved into a digital babysitter that gives you more control over what your child can, or cannot do, on their device. Find out how the Google app can assist you to keep an eye on your children’s online habits and guide them in the right direction towards making good use of the internet.

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Do you find your productivity level going downhill, your attention span and patience decrease along with it? That would be your brain telling you to hit the brakes and let the healing begins by breathing again! It is the most fundamental part of being human. As you master the art of meditation, you become more mindful of giving your mind and body the relief it needs to go further.

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The ‘COVID-19 Business Confidence Report 2020’ by SarawakJobs and SabahJobs is conducted on 265 companies in East Malaysia with also a survey done on social media with 1,433 participants from the local workforce. See the full report at www.sarawakjobs.com/salary-survey/2019-2020/

A healthy planet provides us with good produce, fewer diseases and in turn, supply us with our needs and keep us healthy. We share the Earth with over 8.7 million other different plants and animals. Find out how you can by reaching out to Sarawak Eco Warriors.



Dear readers of Happenings in Sarawak,

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