“Augmenting Education”

Volume. 27

Who can defy the power of education as an agent of change today?
Every year, there are thousands more young Sarawakians who exit their age of adolescent and take a step closer into adulthood as they enter universities - the transition that prepares them for the roles they are to take on in the wider society. When we refer to learning and education, it is no longer limited to only school compounds. The advent of information technology age has granted us with unlimited access to knowledge. It is imperative for the younger generation to be well informed on the advantages of these technological tools and the dangers that lurk as well. If our youth can harness the power of information, distinguish reliable resources from fallacious digital content, the internet will be a myriad of pedagogic opportunities.

‘Augmenting Education’aims to present content attuned with the demands of the modern world with a hope to better assist young people in our community to become responsible citizens leading fulfilling adult lives. We are fortunate because Sarawak is not only rich in culture but it has also developed into a promising land of opportunities with so many higher learning institutions accessible for our children. The multiple fields of study offered today cater for the individualistic millennial generation, enabling their ambitions and aspirations. We take pride in the talent that Sarawak has nurtured and we look towards an even more optimistic tomorrow with education, augmented. So here’s to education!



A comprehensive list of Higher Education Institutes in Sarawak


Interview Highlight: HAPPENINGS Personality

He is the Food Ambassador of Malaysia, icon of a nation, Southeast Asia’s most beloved chef and winner of “The Best Celebrity Chef in the World” award from the prestigious World Gourmand Cookbook & Media Awards. Meet Datuk Redzuawan Ismail, the ever-smiling flamboyant cook by the household name of Chef Wan. He is the man responsible of presenting Malaysia to the world with his one true love – food.

“For me, whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve.”

It is effortless for us to pick the featured personality for this issue’s Augmenting Education. Ever wonder what it is like to be in the shoes of a national culinary ambassador? We were eager to uncover his successful story and to attain priceless wisdom from the great chef himself. Above all scholarly theories, we believe Chef Wan’s authentic account of his journey and tireless endeavor to thrive with his passion is one education that should not be missed out on! This is Chef Wan, one-on-one EXPOSED!

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When one has access to all the information in the world and beyond at their fingertips, when everyone are scholars and sophisticated with bottomless knowledge, everyone then forms an opinion and wish to have a say, and so they can because the internet allows absolutely everyone to speak as they wish; so where and how do we draw the line to freedom of speech? When will too much be undisputedly too much? And who is to decide or has the authority to put a stop to it? After all, it is man who has fought for the rights to freedom of speech.

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HAPPENINGS Editor’s Pick

IMAGINE yourself as a young adult living in the 60s, a time where computers were not available to the masses and the Internet was still but a myth for the imagination. If someone told you that in less than 50 years, you would be able to access a wealth of information in a heartbeat, connect and communicate with people from halfway across the world within minutes, how would you react? An average person would probably dismiss this tall tale as a romanticized vision of the future…yet here we are, living in a period known as the Information Age…

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SARAWAK is a society like no other with its unique amalgamated culture. With the hope to pass on such significant inheritance of Sarawak to our future generations, we have created a segmented series entitled ‘Culture and Heritage Footsteps’. Part 1 of the series was published in Vol: 24 featuring the brief origin, traditions and cultural traits of the Malays, Ibans and Bidayuh. In this issue, we have traced and uncovered the footsteps of a few dominant Chinese’s dialects in Sarawak namely Hakka, Hokkien, Teochew and Foochow. Some of which that are already at the core of your upbringing; some of which you may recall from your history lessons in school; some of which you probably never knew; but most of all, they are a part of your community. Get to know your Sarawak, where we unite by celebrating our diversities.

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HAPPENINGS Our Youth’s World

Get an insight to the mind and the world of our youths by hearing their voice

In this issue of “Augmenting Education”, we probe into the role of education in our lives. The inevitable changes that time bestows mankind with could also alter our present interpretations of education. Do you recall some of your best and worst memories in school? And how has the education you received transformed your life ultimately? Our interviewees comprise those who are still in their sweet 16 to those who have just stepped into the working world that is foreign to them and those who have already established a career and a family of their own; we hope to share the voice and hope of Sarawak’s young adults through yet another fruitful interview of Happening in Sarawak’s exclusive segment: OurYouth’s World.

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